YAMANI PACK (Yamani means rainbow) The Yamani Pack was founded on a belief that traits like perseverance and bravery were not just about saving themselves, but inspiring others to do the same.  Whether the lessons they taught and continue to teach encouraged others to never be afraid to love something special….or maybe it taught them to love themselves more and see their own super powers a little bit clearer.  The iconic canines of this pack include dogs (past and present) such as Walter, Abel, Willing Lea, Wumbo, Nimzy, and ASAP.  

Walter was a dog that brought many of us together after he was found in deplorable shape and we all fought along with him for two weeks until he let us know that his heart was full and it was time to go.  For dogs like Abel and Willing Lea who came into the program unable to even lift their heads without falling, due to cerebellar hypoplasia, but worked tirelessly to learn to walk while people watched on, some having to learn to walk again themselves, feeling like they weren’t so alone and “if Abel can do it, I can do it”.  Wumbo lost his fight way too young, but we all learned that bubbles and playground balls really do make everything okay if you take the time to play.  ASAP leading the pack, both blind and deaf, without a care in the world for anything more than happiness.  And Nimzy, hipster Nimzy, a current mascot, using her spicy attitude and determination to show the world how cool cart dogs really are.  This pack tells the world that where there is life, there is hope and that our differences only make us stronger as a whole.