Thank You for your Email!

Thank you for your email.  It is VERY important that you read through the following topics to see if your email is addressed by one or more of them.  We apologize for the need to take an automatic response approach but we are very limited on resources. 

Effective May 1 2019 Our Adoption Fees have changed :

Puppies to 8yrs old – $250 | 9yrs and up & Special Needs $85.

If your approach/question is not addressed by one of our Auto Responses below, we will be in touch accordingly.  Please allow 1-3 business days for us to respond.  Again, we are very limited on resources.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Interested in a Dog  

Want to Adopt:  The first step towards adopting is to complete and submit an application.  We do not have a facility so you are unable to meet a dog until the application has been submitted and approved.  You can find the application here:
You saw a dog on FB or Petfinder and have a question:  We take an exceptional amount of time to load ALL the information we KNOW of a certain dog in our descriptions on  Petfinder:  If you see a dog on FB, please go to Petfinder to find more information.  

If your question is not answered, we will address your question.  If however you have an approved application and need the dog “cat tested”, for example, then that test will take place during the adoption approval process.

Please make sure and email “specific” questions so that we can make the best use of everyone’s time.
You are looking for a certain kind of dog that you don’t see in our pages:  We regret that we don’t have enough resources to individually search for your preferences.  We do encourage you to check FB and Petfinder frequently for new dog listings.  

You submitted an application and haven’t heard back:  Applications are generally reviewed in 1-3 business days.  We do check vet/personal references so some delays may occur if we cannot reach them.  If you have not heard from us after 5 business days, please send an email with the subject line reading:  Application Submitted/No Reply and we will highly prioritize the email accordingly.  Thank you for taking this extra step.

Visits:  We do not have a facility where we house dogs.  All of our dogs are placed in foster homes scattered across middle TN.  Once your application is approved for adoption, a “meet and greet” will be scheduled with the foster family.

You want to Foster:  Please feel out the foster application at

Stray Dogs:  In the event you have found a dog that does not have a medical emergency, please feel free to post on our Lost/Found Specialty page  and be sure to check with other lost/found sources such as local shelters, craigslist, etc.  Be sure to check to see if the dog is microchipped.  All dogs found, by law, need to first go to the animal control responsible for the are the dog was found.  No one can claim custody of a stray dog until they have been through the legal hold process according to city and county ordinances.  

Owner Surrenders:  We are currently full with an extensive wait list from our area shelters and are not taking owner surrenders at this time.
Making Donations:  If you would like to donate, you can do so via If you are donating in memoriam please make sure and leave a note and we will send the family a card if you provide a mailing address.  We can also send cards for donations honoring birthdays, retirements, etc and are happy to send a card as well.
Adoption Fees:  Adoption Fees are $250 with the exception of seniors (dogs over 8) who are partially sponsored through our program and can be adopted for a suggested donation of $85.  

Other information:  We do have a fairly comprehensive website at as well as our FB page
*BECAUSE OF A LACK OF STORAGE SPACE WE CURRENTLY ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANY DONATIONS OTHER THAN WHAT WE HAVE ON OUR AMAZON WISH LIST.  If you have gently used bedding, crates, toys, etc.  we really appreciate you thinking of us and will be accepting them again once when we have a solution to storage.  We know there are other rescues and shelters in the area that would greatly appreciate it!!!!!