GUGULU PACK (Gugulu means clapping stick) The Gugulu Pack formed to keep the spirits high amongst the rest of the tribe.  They are the misfits and the dreamers who keep the drums beating, stand on the sidelines to keep the crowds cheering and make us laugh each and every day.  So grateful are we all for the many Snooty dogs (past and present) who have joined this pack to set an example.  Dogs like Pang, Hoder, Ribbet, Fancy Fairfield Francene, Tater Tot Chicken Bat, Pomoppossum, Beez Steele and Hooray, just to name a few. 

The dogs, who while in foster care, challenged us to no end with their antics and attitudes, but carried such a legacy of fun that they left us wanting more when it was time for them to be adopted…or just their time.  Whether they drug their foster’s Christmas trees fully decorated, down two flights of stairs and out the front door, like Hoder or challenged us to a game of tag every night just as the sun was going down because they couldn’t bear the thought of losing a single second in the day to create mischief (like Pomoppossum), this is the pack that heals a hurting and sometimes broken village with laughter and smiles.  This is the pack that puts us back together again.

Pack Rewards include Induction T-Shirt and one Snooty Subscription Box.  *and the whatevers