“SUPER SNOOTIES” with Super Powers

Thank you so much for considering becoming a sponsor to one of our many Super Snooties.  

Super Snooties are dogs in our program who have extensive medical or special needs, are hospice, or are extreme seniors (15 and over).  We prefer to consider their “special needs”, super powers instead, as they inspire us and save us on a daily basis.

Some are forever fosters, which means they live inside an SGDR foster home for the entirety of their lives and we cover all of their medical and supply needs for that lifetime.  Some are “long term” fosters which means they are adoptable, but due to medical or special needs, they will either be with us longer than the average adoptable dog while recovering or their condition/injury or their condition makes it more difficult for them to find an adoptive home.

These dogs on average, AFTER initial surgeries and treatments (which can range anywhere from $1500 to $8000), cost us approximately  $1000 each to care for yearly, while providing the best vet care, excellent nutrition, medications/preventatives, and supplements.  We generally have around 50 Super Snooties in our program at any given time.  This is the part of our rescue that we are the most proud and obviously, the part that requires the most money to fund.  

As a Super Snooty Sponsor you can choose a one time donation of 

  • $25 which provides food for a month.
  • $50 which provides medication/preventatives/supplements for a month or
  • $100 which covers (on average) all expenses for that Super Snooty for one month.

You may also choose to sponsor your Super Snooty year round with a recurring donation of your choice.  

All Sponsors will receive a “pawtographed” photo of their chosen Super Snooty.  Those who choose year round sponsorship with a recurring qualifying donation will receive the same Snooty Extras as our Tribe Members (please click link to see those requirements and “benefits”) 


They are so many amazing Super Snooties, we know you will find one whose story connects with you!

Pick a “Super Snooty” to sponsor!!!