Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering for Snooty Giggles. To foster for Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue you must live in the Middle Tennessee area and be able to access our vet clinic, Animalia Health and Wellness, in Franklin, TN. (If this is not convenient for you please consider researching rescues in your area, as every rescue group needs fosters)

Please read and answer all questions honestly and completely. Foster dogs animals come to Snooty Giggles from a variety of situations. Many have emotional damage that they need to recover from. Still more have experienced physical neglect. Fostering requires an ability to work with animals who aren’t “perfect”. Our goal is to heal the wounds, and provide a place of safe respite and recovery so the animals that come to us can become complete and whole again. As a foster parent, you will be critical to this mission, but must be able to understand animal behavior and know that every time you receive a foster dog you can expect some behaviors that could be considered undesirable. Snooty Giggles fosters do have a support team of trainers, liaisons and guides to help navigate these waters. If you are ready for this calling, please continue on and complete this foster application. 

To be considered as a foster parent, you must:

  • Be 25 years of age or older
  • Stellar Vet history with all pets
  • Pets must be UTP on all vaccines at the time of applying 
  • Pets must be using HWP (Heartworm preventative) year round
  • Pets must be spayed or neutered at the time of applying  
  • Have the consent of your landlord (if applicable)
  • Be able and willing to spend the time necessary to provide proper care for the animal you wish to foster.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of fostering.

Keep in mind…..Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance as a foster home/parent. 

    Applicant Name: (Required)

    Street Address: (Required)




    Phone# 555-555-1234 (Required)

    Secondary Phone# 555-555-1234

    Email Address: (Required)


    Employment Information

    Occupation/Employer Name:

    Home Environment

    We want to make sure that the dog you would foster is a good fit for your home environment. Some dogs thrive in a high-energy home, while others need something a bit more quiet. Some dogs need a large, fenced yard, while others would do great with just a few short walks.

    Do you understand the state and local ordinances concerning licensing and leashing? YesNo
    Have you applied to be a foster for any other rescue group? YesNo
    If so, please list the group name and date of fostering:

    Is there a dog or pet limit in your city or county? YesNoUnknown
    If so, what is the limit?
    May we visit your home? YesNo

    Please list the names and ages of all persons who live in your household (or who visit regularly):

    Pet Allergies? YesNo

    Pet Allergies? YesNo

    Pet Allergies? YesNo

    Pet Allergies? YesNo

    Yard Fencing and size

    If you do not have a fence, do you plan on installing one? YesNo
    Type of fencing? WoodChainInvisible
    How high is the fence if not invisible?
    How large is the yard that the dog will have access to?

    What pets do your currently have in your household?





    Are you Currently using Heartworm Preventative? YesNoUnknown

    If you Rent, complete the following:

    Landlord’s Name:
    Landlord's Telephone Number: 555-555-1234
    Does the Landlord allow for large dogs, if fostering a large dog? YesNoUnknown

    A Few Additional Details

    Reason for fostering a dog: House petGuard dogCompanionPet companionOther

    What will you do if your new foster dog chews your belongings or shows other destructive behavior?

    How will the foster dog be confined to your property (please include all that apply)?
    In the houseIn a crate or kennelIn a fenced yardOn a chainIn a garageOn a patioOther...
    Will the foster dog be outside unsupervised? If yes, for how long (on avg)? YesNo
    How much exercise do you plan to give your foster dog?
    What is the Activity Level you would prefer in a foster dog?
    Will the foster dog be walked daily? YesNo
    Will the foster dog be exercised in a fenced area? YesNo
    Would you consider fostering a Special Needs Dog, such as one who requires medication for a permanent but controlled condition? YesNo
    Where will your foster dog be kept during the day?
    And at night?
    How many hours will the foster dog spend alone each day?
    Rescued Dogs have sometimes been in neglectful and/or abusive situations and therefore, may experience difficulty making the transition to a new home. Are you willing to be patient while the foster dog adjusts to your home? YesNo
    How long do you feel an animal should be given for an adjustment period?
    Are you willing to work with a foster on any issues he or she may have? YesNo
    What behaviors would be unacceptable to you?

    What actions would you take to correct these behaviors?

    Would you provide obedience training, formal or other for your foster dog? YesNo
    Will you groom the foster dog or use a groomer?
    Are you aware that routine costs of maintaining a dog average approximately $500-800 per year?

    Your Experience with Dogs

    Please list all pets you have owned in the past three years:

      What happened to the pet?

      What happened to the pet?

      What happened to the pet?

      What happened to the pet?

    Vet Reference

    Personal References

    If no vet reference is available, please include at least two personal references. Family members cannot be personal references.
    Name, Phone #

    Have you sold, given away or surrendered a pet to a shelter?

    Have you or any member of your family/household been cited for leash law violation or animal neglect/cruelty in the past?

    In submitting this application, I/we hereby certify that all the information provided on this application is true, complete and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we attest that I/we have read the Terms and Conditions of Fostering and also understand that completion and submission of this application does not guarantee fostering of a dog and Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse any foster.