BADUGI PACK (Badugi means blanket) The Badugi Pack is comprised of  protectors and nurturers.  They were born to be caretakers and defenders of the underdog.  Snooty canine leaders of this pack (past and present) would include dogs such as Munzie, Nana, Arnold, and Taxi.  Nana was the canine founder of this pack.  The true matriarch and alpha at Camp Snooty for nearly 10 years before her passing.  She led and cared for others by providing calmness and stability.   She was every dogs’ zen.  Arnold easily fit in as tolerance was noted as his super power, early on while in foster care.  For Taxi, being born with limited mobility due to severe elbow disease, she found her place in the world lying on the ground keeping as many puppies occupied at one time as she could.  Taxi only lived to be 3 years old, but she changed the lives of many.  And Munzie, the ultimate Papa, a daddy through and through.  Given slim chances to survive much more than a handful of months when he arrived in the program, we discovered his will to love was pretty magical and the more puppies that were placed in his care, the healthier he seemed to get.  Now, nearly five years later, no one raises a puppy like Munzie raises a puppy.  This pack leaves no dog behind.